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Dateing sights warning.

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..Lorenzo...... over  the last few months, your fascination for weird  terrestrial   vehicles  has become apparent.....maybe there is nothing particularly weird  about the one pictured above,   in fact it looks like a work of art...... but take heed,    the combination of tits and wheels  has taken many a good man  down......just sayin' :mellow::mellow:


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1 hour ago, lorenzo said:

She said she likes to travel and owns her own home.EACBE19C-396A-4C0A-BBBE-BE775C6DCDAB.jpeg.e3ddbfb3e5af5758ca27dae2b038f1e8.jpeg

Solid rubber tires 


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Actually a pretty slick outfit for the time.

Ladder must be to put the rest of the stovepipe on so it will draw.

That road is better than the one past my house, unless the picture was taken in town.

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On ‎3‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 10:10 AM, FarmerFixEmUp said:

Is her last name Clampett?   Lives in Beverly... Hills that is??

you would certainly need to ''clampett'' driving on the old rough roads.....:o......be enough to shake the very ........out of you

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