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Transmission Bearings/Seals

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Working on the mechanical assessment of our current O4 project. We knew this was a well used tractor as evident by many external visual factors and knowing the family it came from originally. The transmission will need all of the bearings and seals replaced. 

For the sake of expediency does anyone have a full list of the bearing and seal sizes for an H or W4? Not worried about part numbers just looking for sizes so I can start looking for the best/most economical options.

I can start cross referencing part numbers and measure the old ones when they come out but I figured someone on here has already done this task and it never hurts to ask. 

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I am in the process of doing this at the moment with my H, so I will get you all the bearing part numbers.  From there they can cross-reference either at your dealer or bearing shop

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Do you have master cross reference pdf's? I do and it makes performing those searches a lot faster. I haven't measured anything and the cross references have steered me wrong yet (knock on this fake wood desktop). I linked to them on this forum once upon a time. If you don't have them, I'll find them and direct you to them. I have the SKF and Timken guides. They're 3 MB and 5 MB. Come to think of it, it would probably be easier to email them to you so you have them.

LMK if you need and want them.

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