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2000 GM hard start after warm

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I've got a well running 2000 GMC 3500 7.4 liter 454 auto 4x4 67000 miles

Starts instant in the morning, starts good after a few minutes shut off, but drive it and shut it off for an hour up to half a day or more and it's hard to start.  Long cranking seems to be helped by  moving gas pedal but I don't know if that's a fuel thing or telling a sensor to take another reading.  Stumbles just slightly when it starts then runs fine and dandy.

I've cleaned up the map with a couple cans of spray 

What's the most likely suspect?



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No check engine light ?

fuel pressure test? 

Vacuum test ? 

Change fuel filter 

change air filter 

Any modification with aftermarkets ? 

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Probably a fuel pressure regulator 

they leak fuel though the hole in diaphragm into vacuum line and floods the engine so as said by 560 check fuel pressure to see if it’s holding or unhook vacuum line to it and see if there’s fuel in line , it hard to get to on 454 it behind pleinom


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Almost guarantee its FPR. It's about an hour or hour and a half job to replace. Take the upper plenum off and its held in with a snap ring.

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