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Red Binder back on restoration jacks

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    They had over two hundred cars , Better then expected turn out .

had a great time visiting with that I have farmed with my hole life and they are retired now also and to me they were so young last time we associated it’s hard to believe our ages !

she and sister finally got their home all cleaned out ready for real estate. 
Mom beat the pneumonia and she’s getting demanding ! Lol  Carol is spending lot of time going to rest home and taking mom to doctors . It’s tuff to be recently widowed at age 95 . She a Tuff old Texan !


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DONE AT CUSTOM CONCEPTS ! its headed to upholstery shop ! one of Robs guys shinning bumper and Rob touched any small paint nicks on engine. it will be covered at upholstery because probabl

Nice quiet Saturday in January , warm and dry .  took the Red Kid out for little  leg stretch . she’s doing well . they are planning a car show ,local in Feb .  keeping figures crossed i

6/4/20  Upholstery is done !! re upholstered the rug because other got damaged during all the changes  .  the seat was redone because I was not satisfied with previous pattern. it now

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Uncle had a 49 or 50 just out of school. He went in the navy and had stories of driving it straight thru from Cali to Iowa and back when coming and going  on leave. 

Supposedly his buddy out there got in a lot of trouble street racing so they pulled all his stuff off and put it on uncles car for a while. 

 Uncle is in nursing home now and not doing so well. I may never get a chance to hear those stories again from the horses mouth. 

    Glad you were able to enjoy your show Tony. Looks like a Lotta nice stuff showed up. 

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