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37 minutes ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

10 years ago, I was working in Des Moines, got off at 11 PM.  Stopped to fill the car at Casey's in Altoona.   Had a young woman aproach me as I was filling up. She noticed my Poweshiek liscence plate and asked if I was from Grinnell. She was well dressed and only carrying a purse.  Seemed like she had been drinking.   I said I was from Grinnell.  She was a college student from Grinnell College.  She had been up in Des Moines bar hopping with friends.  Stopped at the station for fuel and her friends left while she was in the bathroom (an hour ago!).  She had misplaced her phone.  I gave her a ride home. We talked, laughed and sang along with the radio. When I dropped her off in front of her dorm building, she offered me "compensation " for her safe return home. I was flattered, but turned her down....... Being a nice guy sucks sometimes!

You could have gotten her number at least!

maybe she had some weed for your compensation?

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About 25 years ago I sold a 1911 Harley to a guy in Des Moines Iowa and agreed to deliver it .  I was driving a Ford with a 460 gas burner and a five speed .While I was leaving a gas station in a shady area of Des Moines a man wearing white painters coveralls with a tall Budweiser in one hand let himself in the passenger side of my truck. He stunk like he hadent showered for weeks and was mostly f**ked up. He looked at me , smiled and said “ that’s a neat old bike in back you must be a cool dude”   I said “ well your right about one thing “  then I started to drive away.   I knew he was a dirt bag transient and I was young and invincible so I thought I would have some fun with him . I made small talk for a few miles and then I had had enough of him and was getting close to where I needed to be.  I was packing a short barreled 44 magnum in a pouch built into the seat cover and had a hold of it with my left hand . I stopped at a street light and told him a joke to make him laugh to distract him then I floored the gas  and popped the clutch , he was snot slinging drunk so his head hit the back window then I slammed the brakes and his head went into the dash board at the same time I grabbed the back of his head and showed him the business end of my 44. I was more or less on top of him and shoved the barrel right into his face. He wasent laughing at this point and my fake laughter changed into an ultimatum he wisely choose not to refuse. When he bailed out of the truck he stumbled face first into the street  and then took off running .   I doubt he ever tried that again .

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