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I-H crawler tool bar available

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On 2/10/2019 at 10:39 AM, nomorejohndeere said:

I would think a collector would be scooping that right up

Problem is that the tractor with a McCormick "Combination Carrier" option is hard to find and most guys who have it on their machine doesn't know what  it is.  They just see the blade and that is all that counts. 

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On 2/11/2019 at 11:10 AM, louie figone said:

Ours is still in use, have the dozer blade also with the arms attached, easy turn around to change tools

TD9B ripping .jpg

IH TD9B Dozer-Tool Bar.jpg

Still frigging AWESOME!

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17 minutes ago, louie figone said:

Mike, do you know if the combination tool bar carriers were made at other IH plants besides Stockton, CA?

just came in 4 lunch, good timing... i don't know, but think maybe t-b's were built on as needed basis at the factory (in the midwest) where the tractor was built.  btw can u show ur draft beam to t-bar connection?  i'm wondering about what model tractors use the same connecting bracket design, method and dimensions?   thank u.


mine mounts like this, i don't know what the draft/push beam end looks like.


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Mike, your mount is similar to the later style I have. The catalog I have is from 1964 (from the latest dated add in the catalog)

IH offered the combination toolbar/dozer for the TD6, TD9 and TD15, they offered only the tool bar for the TD18 and TD20.

Here are pictures of my blade and tool bar, is this what you want. The ripper shanks are IH #33 shanks.


IH Stockton Products catalog 1964 and earlier.jpg

IH Stockton Products manufactured.jpg

IH TD9B Stockton works dozer blade.jpg

IH TD9B tool bar carrier left side.jpg

IH TD9B tool bar right gauge wheel.jpg

IH TD9B tool bar ripper clamps.jpg

IH TD9B tool bar carrier back view.jpg

IH TD9B, Joey, Nov. 2016.jpg

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i see now the ends of the push/draft beam that the blade fastens to.  2 pins for the bracket and a pin for the adjustable turnbuckle. tomorrow  i'm gonnatake a photo of my mount bracket with tape measure showing center numbers and maybe u could check ur setup to see its the same.  thanks

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louie, do your brackets measure the same 10.5" centers as this?



and is this number close?



Plus you think ih only made continental US t -b's in california?  I believe they were mostly used west of the rockies... but only assembled out there???? 


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Mike,  everything on my tool bar carrier is heavier than the one made for the TD6/TD9, my brackets measure 16 inches cc, the mounting holes for the  for the turnbuckle are 20-1/2 inches cc. The tool bar is 6"x8" x 12 ft. Here are what you would order with the dozer tool bar. It seems many of the parts are the same for the 6 and 9, the booms are the same for both tractors, it shows different part numbers for the mounting assemblies, looking at the picture it looks like they may be drilled for both tractors. I mounted the TD9B mounting plates on my TD6 (62 series), I had to drill holes to match the mounting on the track frame. I have a Holt blade on the TD6 that I modified to attach to the 9B mounting assemblies (trunnions)

IH also offered an angle blade for the TD6/TD9 which used the same mounting as the combination tool bar carrier.

Stockton Products built many special ag equipment for the West Coast, IH may have built the same equipment in other plants. I remember passing by the IH Stockton plant many times in the '60's

IH Stockton Products Dozer-Tool Bar.jpg

IH TD6 TD9 Angle Dozer.jpg

IH TD6 8-17-17.jpg

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