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Remote Hydraulic Diverter For a Farmall Super C

George 2

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I am looking for a remote hydraulic diverter for a Super C. This is a plate that fits between the non Fast Hitch hydraulic lines and the Touch Control housing and allows diversion into a remote hose for remote control and allows the remote hose to put the return back into the diverter housing. The supply line goes out the back of the diverter plate and the return line goes back in through the bottom of the diverter. They were made by an aftermarket supplier. IH did sell a different version of the diverter but I don't want one of them and they are now NLA anyways. Does anyone still know who the supplier was and if they are still available? I have it back in my old mind that it might have been M&W but I am guessing at that. There is one shown on a Super C advertisement in Tractorhouse by a dealer in Bellwood, Nebraska.  Any response is appreciated. Thanks.   

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