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On 4/19/2023 at 7:37 AM, lorenzo said:

How big is he now?😀

Buddy was 32lbs at 14 wks, I gave him wormer and put on tick/flea collar - got a 7way booster from Tractor Supply for him,  probably jab him this weekend. He will be 16 wks(4 mos) may 1st will check him then for weight again, im guessing he will be around 75lbs when done, my current lab is 60 to 65ish that is 13+ and not the english bloodlines he is a genetic Fox Red lab. Buddy is a diluted yellow so nearly white - he is doing great, learning the word NO, working on shaking, sitting/staying. Likes to fetch a stick or his fuzzy duck not so much a ball chaser. Will go into kennel pretty good on command, learning to HOLD his continence overnight. Razor teeth are still present but big ones starting to come in, chewing things up pretty much all day long - he follows my old dog around a lot. He is learning his boundaries, likes to rid in the skid steer with me but that wont last long hes just gonna be too big LOL.

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15 hours ago, lorenzo said:

She’s in and out of her tank 15 or 20 times a day.CB67CD8B-68D4-4B76-A610-629BBA0F585D.jpeg.93c0381b5cc1f3dc9655c44a2aeb34c6.jpeg


thats an awesome pool maybe i can get my dog to do that LOL he doesnt mind being around when im washing the mower and spraying things off after using so far - he tries to climb up on the tractor and such when i get on

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3 hours ago, sandhiller said:

Love this dog 😃




...Great !!!...but you can almost see that big ol' hound saying   ''Yeah...I guess I will play their   silly game..."...as he lopes nonchalantly around the obstacle course........


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On 4/28/2023 at 12:22 AM, sandhiller said:


This goes back about 15 years give or take. Dad's dog 'Bucky' came trotting across the yard with a package of pork chops in his mouth like a big ol cigar. Apparently the neighbors dropped them when unloading groceries and he smelled them out. So, Mom cooked 'em up and fed them to him! Yeah, he was a little spoiled! 

Let me see if I can find a pic or two of the luckiest dog I ever knew.



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Winston was getting g hot chasing his ball today around the yard so he went a rolled around in one of the last water puddles left in the yard and got good and muddy.  Had been thinking about taking him out to the slough that’s on our land a half a mile away but still on the home quarter. He ram quite happily with the quad all the way out there. Pulled up beside the water and before I could even tempt him into the water he took a running leap off the bank and nearly splashed us all lol. Went for a swim and came trotting back proud as could be. Got a couple sticks to throw for him and he had a blast. My sister likened it to a 5 year old cannonballing off into the deep end trying to splash everybody lol.  He grabbed the wrong stick once and came swimming back with a tree😂 made for some good entertainment anyways. 







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3 hours ago, Paystar5000 said:

IMG_2937.thumb.jpeg.c5fe7807ae07731a22101dc1947e0eaf.jpegIMG_2940.thumb.jpeg.88c44e19440dd0040058c00cce54545d.jpegToday was Ruby’s (dog on the left) fourth birthday.    Baked these cupcakes for them.  They ate them in less than 30 seconds.  


Cupcakes for your dog's birthday?


You sir are welcome around my fire anytime!!!


Gus liked popcorn with sliced Dots birthday cake😄



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First day at the pond this year. The pond is WAY down and you have to really throw the Frisbee to get it to the water. 


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