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The Dog Thread


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19 hours ago, sandhiller said:

The selflessness of our best friends is unequaled


Poor puppy,  

i have seen that picture used claiming everything from he bit a bicycle tire to hit by a piece of falling Chinese satellite. Regardless of what really happened i feel sorry for him. 

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Don't forget the dog!

Loki gets upset if left behind when the aerial rental is here. Figured it's his opportunity to get the drop on the squirrels. He has tried to sneak out of the basket a couple times to see if he can travel up a limb. Fortunately, he was nimble enough to turn around & get back in without issue. At least the aerial was there in case he got stuck in the tree. Saves me the embarrassment of having to call the fire department to get the pitbull out of my tree, explain that, no.... I'm not on drugs & get hung up on anyhow.






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Better add the other child. This is Dude. He has Canine Dysautonomia. It is 99% lethal. I contend we have $5000 in vet bills on him. Lisa says about half that. His “automatic” functions don’t work, so his eyes are always dilated, he gets cold really easily and he will “freeze” down if his feet get cold. To deal with it he has a Carhart coat, snow boots, which he likes, and Dogolls, which he HATES.

He also has a big white fluffy cat that has taken care of him since he got sick, 9 years ago.   



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Dude is a working fool. With his disease, he can’t regulate his temperature and plays out pretty quick. This was the last ranch we were on. Owner believed in low stress cattle management, or in his case let the cows do whatever. 
Dude totally played himself out, and Lisa had to pack him 2 miles out of the hills. 
Quite the horse to tolerate the dog. 


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