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The Dog Thread


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Cant let go...20221022_120941.thumb.jpg.7d5d4a7e262fa92132a01768eb309fba.jpg

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On 10/23/2022 at 7:48 AM, Art From Coleman said:

Fido seems to have made it to "Second Base"

Highly amusing responses  to that picture of the  tats..tits and hound...but the above line takes  the money !!!!!!


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Been a while since I posted a pic. He’s still a pup at heart but he has his moments lol. Came out from behind the couch last night and layed down with the cat.(his favorite chew toy by the way 😂) they’re kind of buddies now. Photo was not staged lol. 


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Gentlemen meet Paisley, 4 year old Heeler. 



She belonged to Justin, a good friend and neighbor of mine who passed away at a too young age. 

When he passed we agreed to adopt Paisley but she went to a friend in town. 

The friend called me today and said Paisley was not getting along with her dogs, they were picking on her. Would I still be interested in taking her. 

45 minutes later and Paisley is now a part of our family. 

She is a sweet dog and I hope she accepts us as we accept her. 

She has picked a spot behind me as I work at the desk.



A quick shot of Justin on a hunting trip to New Zealand


And one corner of his trophy room. 


He was a special kind of guy and I hope Paisley can be as happy here as she was with Justin. 

The missus and me are honored to care his best friend. 

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