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The Dog Thread


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My old dog and great friend, been working crazy hours since vid started, trying to burn off some of last year's vacation out camping, just south of the Swan Hills with its own Grizzly designation, some super thick bush up here, one could be 10 feet away and you'd smell it before you saw it, not much flat ground up here, should have brought a fishing pole lake is full of rainbows, ground drops 30' straight down to the shore off to the left

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18 hours ago, sandhiller said:

Money is a bit tight in flyover country right now.

So Jack took a job in town.

Good boy Jack good boy 😃



😏  He must be retired by now, got a be a real old picture .  Every slot in the rack for long guns is full and a lot of ammo on the shelfs. 🤣

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Wife sent me this picture this morning about an hour after I left for work. Buddy likes my pillow. 
He’s been a really good dog, loves my granddaughter, has killed 23 ground hogs, 5 snakes an 4-5 red squirrels this year, I’m  glad we rescued him. Very loving , loyal an smart. 



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Heat kicked on this morning. 37 degrees outside.  I woke up and kicked it back off.  Once it’s gets cooler, we leave an electric blanket plugged in for him on the couch during the day.  I regularly joke that you need the pallet forks to get him off of it. Might not be the safest….but he loves it.  I’ve learned that you have to lay them flat though, not folded up into a square. The thermostats don’t like that. 

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