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The Dog Thread


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1 hour ago, cjf711 said:

Hi Everyone,

hope the forum doesnt hold it against me that my name is Oliver?   Cyrus and McCormick didnt make the final list for entire family approval.   Just wanted to say I enjoy looking at all my fellow dog pals out there from time to time.

Im jealous of all the furniture sitters out there as im not allowed here... except when no one is home.

Bark Bark



Irish Setter?

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14 hours ago, cjf711 said:

Yeh, he's about 6mos now we got him at 8 weeks,   hes about 60 pounds now all legs.  :)

Oh man if you've never had one, you're going to love him! I have and English Setter and they are the best dogs!!!

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Was digging thru pics and thought about this thread.  This is my old Dolly... one pic from early in the year and another from mid summer...  12.5yr old English Shep... was Dad's dog, and she let me move in when he needed help.  I have to hear her snoring in her little bed to get to sleep.  She's my baby Doll.  


Old Dolly.JPG

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4 minutes ago, mike newman said:

   who ever said "diamonds'    are a girl's best friend..never had an  ol'   hound.....




Dang Mike, that could do double duty in the Awesome Pic thread.


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3 hours ago, mike newman said:

...the old hands watching    the 'pups '  endeavours !!

Molesworth   Station.....(next to the Rainbow Station  )



Hey look, it's donkey gurl, ya, let's go getter.

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Son's new four month old lab puppy "Porter" has found the visiting dog chair.

For years now whichever son brings his dog home, when he gets tired, crawls up in this chair to sleep.

My dogs don't use it😃


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..... pig hunting is very popular down under....Feral   pigs are about the most destructive  of predators.......(after the  current  Socialist Party...).....the pigs breed quickly......unscrupulous   buggars  liberate   young pigs in different areas to give more grief for the famers ...but to assauge  the ''week end     warriors''    desire to hunt 'easy ' pigs.....

Pictured are the dogs belonging to   a local bloke.....who hunts pigs full time....We had a  lease block where we ran cattle....it was infested with these bloody pigs.. This bloke got over 300  pigs out of it and the adjacent block of land...comprising several thousand acres.....The hunter ,  Chance Creighton  by name, has a cell phone thing...on which he takes a picture of every freakin'  pig, that he has killed...just to prove  a point..........

The pics show the dogs   in the ""Listening""    command.....Chance just says...""Listen...listen''    and the dogs react to where he is pointing, with  ears cocked up and looking  and listening ......this time it was for a picture  , of course !!!

You might notice their tracking collars...on every hound.....all the good hunters use them....as well as the obvious reason...should a dog get badly hurt by pig tusks....which often happens...they can be located easily....Pig hunters are good value for the Vets ....

Another amusing story......two old blokes  whom I both know very well, one at 81 yrs   and t'other  a mere 79 yrs have hunted together, for 65 plus years.....however, the younger one now  has early stages of    dementia.....and gets confused  at times once he is out in the bush, as to where is actually is.....so to keep him out there .....desperate measures where called for  :)....The old bloke.....Mike Thomas by name, now has a tracking collar..not around his neck...but securely  strapped to  his belt.....this, plus a young bloke going along with them, ensures   his continued  ability to  get out  with the dogs   and into the  back country......and   his whereabouts   can be determined in seconds by the rest of ''the white man's magic''...hand held device.....this by the still fully cognizant   blokes.....




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13 hours ago, KWRB said:

Please don't get my thread poofed.


@mike newman What breed of dogs are those? Does New Zealand have the same absence of rabies and very strict dog importation guidelines as Australia?


.....very stringent   importation    guidelines here.....  NO     rabies  !!!    Daughter brought a lovely hound in from England....quarantined    ...tested for  all known  ""Hound    Issues""  ....all good ..no worries

Well KWRB...I am going to be very droll    and tell you that those dogs    are...""Pig Dogs",,,,:rolleyes:...however, I well know that is not the answer  you were seeking......thus, I will ask  Chance,   (the owner ..)   next time he is up here.....:)


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