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The Dog Thread


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That sucks. I'm sorry.


As for "don't love that dog", I understand the rationale but I wouldn't want to live a life without loving dogs. They bring my the greatest joy. I say that as I sit here about to start my workday and my injured girl is lying next to the chair. still confused, still wants to play and run. Next week Monday she gets her surgery. Knee surgery on a healthy but still ten year old dog... I've been thinking a lot about what life would be like without her. I hope to put it off a long time.


I'm sorry for your loss and I'll say it again. Dogs are a gift from God, to help teach us what we can't seem to teach each other about love. The world would be a better place if everyone had a dog.

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On 7/27/2019 at 9:47 PM, TN Hillbilly said:

I haven't posted in this thread before today, but here's our girl.  Half border collie half English shepherd.  Smart dog, but pretty independent.


OMG! Your dog is the twin to my Ruby who passed 2 yrs ago!

This picture gave me the shivers! An exact twin! Ruby was Collie/Border Collie. 


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Mike so sorry to hear about your best buddy. About what your friend said about not loving them. I've tried, can't help it. They work their way into my soul. KWRB put it very well. I feel the exact same way. You can never replace a good dog, you just add to em. There is a hole in a man that only a dog can fill. When the time is right, a puppy will come along. One always has for me.

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I had to grab a photo of my two Great Granddogs yesterday in our son's shop. I've seen these two when I thought they were trying to kill each other.  Princess (caramel color) is old, like me. Kaiser was younger then. He was probably trying to develop his instincts of a German Shepard? He's about 2 years old now. Anyway, I had to post this photo. They love coming to the shop, as they know there is a sandwich in my lunch bag, and they each get a good bite of it. OBG?


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4577.thumb.jpeg.f04469fdcd5e31d3af7c628a61e660b2.jpegthis is gunner "the stunner". Part black lab,part beagle. Hes a rescue dog and very low key and affectionate. Was cheap too!

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