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The Dog Thread


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2 hours ago, mike newman said:

...how did you make out, Seth ??..:rolleyes:


I wasn’t there, mother sent me this update. Stay tuned.

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Wife showed me a video of a dog rescuing a fawn from a lake. The dogs owner was telling the story as the video played. They were walking along the shore and the dog went in, owner saw something brown in the water, dog retrieved it and got it to shore. Then proceeded to paw at the fawn in the ribs and poke the fawns head with his nose. A rescue shelter was called and a lady showed up. The fawn came to and scared ran right back into the lake. Dog retrieved it again and then the lady from the shelter carried it out to her vehicle. 
Talk about leaking eyes!! Great story and video. I don’t have a link, maybe someone that’s on fakebook can find it.

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14 minutes ago, lorenzo said:

She gets to pick out a toy when we go to Menards, stuck in a tree the first time i threw it . 74500976-06B9-451C-866A-A5A5D55F982E.thumb.jpeg.693ac3fa230d48c981a50ee54f5cd733.jpeg


If you get a wind like we had Thursday night, it’ll blow it out!!

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My dad had a story about a bachelor that was known to say his dishes where as clean as soap and water could make them. And would holler come Soap, come Water I have dishes for you to wash.

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On 9/22/2023 at 10:12 PM, DT Fan said:

That truck does indeed have a 454 in it. Belongs to the uncle, not me. I wouldn’t mind owning it someday. It was his survey truck before he got the current one. 

Uncle Craig?

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