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Ih blue

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This is what I got from a NOS  ih cultivators part . I took it to Sherman Williams , they scanned it  .it within 95 % . It close enough for me , 

see the plow photo . 

The other is the work sheet from Sherman Williams .

Ag specialties coating in Iowa has it in quarts or gallons 

good luck ? 




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On 1/20/2019 at 12:08 AM, 55 f300 said:

That’s amazing thanks


i thought they had ih blue here the color on this color chart 

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IH 1150A,  Dupont 24160, PPG 10067,  NAPA 533736A, Van Sickle 46074, and Tallmans Ag Specialty 74604. should all be comparable IH blue colors.   Notice the similarity in paint numbers with the last two.  Both are from Lincoln, NE.  I would not be surprised if they are coming off of the same filling line in the same factory with different labels.  Apparently Ace Hardware sells an IH Blue that is very good also but I have never used it.  I use Tallmans or Van Sickle with very satisfactory results, mixing in some Flood Penetrol and IH thinner.  All of my painting is done with a brush.  I am most pleased with the glossy finish.  For me any of the blues dry slower than the IH 2150 Red for example.  Years ago I used some Sherwin Williams blue (available at their automotive stores) which is an excellent paint; it goes on very nicely.  But for me it is a beer budget and champagne ideas/dreams paint.  Here is an IH implement brush painted with the Talllmans 74604 Blue.  That is a quart size number; the gallon number would be different.

P1010008 (2).JPG

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