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175c steering issue, will just barley catch to lock the track up.

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I have a 175c foot steer model, that has plenty of clutch left, but it will not stop the track enough to turn it to the right, it seems to me that the pedal is not catching soon enough in its travel, the clutch adjustment is good, I was wondering where the brake adjustment is located. Thanks Noah.

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Nsisk, welcome aboard.  Manuals may be in order but here is a start.

For rt side brake adjustment--remove the rectangular cover outside of the hydraulic valve.  Just beyond the inside lip of the fender is the adjustment.  7/16 screw with a 5/8 hex head and a jam nut.  Loosen the jam nut and turn the screw clockwise to tighten the brake.  It will only take a little usually, 1/2 turn maybe.  If the head of the screw is down to the jam nut your brake is probably worn out.  That link the screw is in is attached to a cable that goes down to the brake.  Left side is the same and access is behind the shift tower.  I was never around the foot steer but believe this part is the same as lever steer. 

Good luck.  Please report back



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