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1 hour ago, lorenzo said:

COE’s are far from dead in other parts of the world . It’s about all ya see in South America and Australia . Lots of different company’s still making them brand new. 


Those look like they might be actually easier to get into then the other trucks in this thread.

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I just sold my Cruiseliner this fall. Farm truck since it was new, some friends of mine bought it from a neighbor and used it on the suger beet harvest. I hauled grain to town to empty the bins one summer and decided if they ever sold it I'd be the one who bought it.  I planned to haul manure for a large dairy when work was slow but the truck just sat for 2 years so I let it go to someone who would use it. Always loved that 300 series Mack engine!


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7 hours ago, hillman said:

the decline of COE went hand in hand with the increase in fugly Volvos and Frieghtshakers with the aerodynamics  IMHO


 theres a COE in this episode of Movin On ( no hijack here) for those who enjoy the show or others that were too young all the episodes are on YouTube again . Every time I have seen them on there eventually they get taken down



Speaking of movin on. Pretty sure I talked about this here but never showed pics of it cause we never took any. This is dads truck he bought back in 09 and sold it a few months ago but I still see it a few days a week. He had it in front of a bull wagon for the majority of the time but we've both slowed down and pull hoppers and end dumps for the most part. 



IMG_0882.PNGThis is a truck I stretched the frame on cause I like the older trucks myself. Has a b model cat in it and I put a big 13 speed in it. First trip out I figured out why they don't make them anymore. What it looked like when I sold it and the guy that bought it painted it and added fenders. 

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'78, it originally had a 237 (ENDT-675) which the Mack guys claim to be the best Diesel engine ever made. It got a repower at some point because it had a ENDT-676 with the aftercooler. Both are Maxidyne 300 Series engines. It had a Fuller 13 speed I wish it had the Mack 5 or 6 speed never drove one but sounds pretty handy. The frame was cut and had Pete Air Leaf. 

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41 minutes ago, oneday said:


Those 300 engines especially the tip turbines ran good

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Never seen so much interest in Cruise-Liner. Operator manual came with my truck. Back of my sleeper shows the western interior. Mack 10 speed decal. Mack 866 V8 375 hp. Last picture is number of each cab veration built. 








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