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In the guidelines  there is a rule pertaining to the posting of buy/want adds for complete equipment.  I was just wondering if this also encompassed the posting of buy/sell adds for equipment parts as well and if these sorts of posts were allowed where the proper place to post them is?  

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if you have something (any size /type ih related) to sell ,post it in RPM  magazine ,they provide this site free so it helps with their costs.

if someone is looking for x     ... you can respond thru PM with them

if you are looking for   X.... ? you can start a post and within 48 BJ will clear it or tell you why NA

as with ALL 2005 > markets there is no longer a timely method with good results for selling (or buying)  any that charge > $15 are just making a quick $$$$ off  sheaples.   97% of the online/paid formats produce 0 results

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