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Ih Drott 150 K

Frank Germany

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Hello, my name is Frank, I'm 40 years old and live near Baumholder (15km) and Ramstein (40km) which is maybe known because of the Big Army locations. I have different German IHC tugs ( D214 , DED 3, D430 , 844S and 1255XL )and 3 small German IHC crawler loaders with 40 HP ( 85-B).Now a 150K3 has been added. A great machine. But I need some help. I am looking for a manual. In addition, I need the name of all filters, in Germany, this type is not  listed in any filter manufacturer.The 150K3 does not separate a steering clutch. The machine has been  stand 4 years I hope that the clutch still dissolves. First I have to change the gear oil, there was a lot of water in it.When I bought the crawler she did not want to drive, the filter in front of the transmission hydraulic pump was blocked.Would be nice if someone can help me. If you have any questions about German IHC products, please contact me. Best wishes for 2019 Thank you Frank


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Welcome , Frank ! 

I won't be much help for you ,But Great group here & Volumes of IH Knowledge!

I was stationed in Darmstadt '71-72' and traveled the area.


Have you tried http://wixfilters.com/Lookup/Applications.aspx?Section=4    ?

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Hi Frank,

Send some pictures of the 85B machines too.

I have a 150 Parts Manual(TC-93B ,May 1966),plus 2 Parts Manuals for the Loader Frame & attachments.

PM me if interested.



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I think your model 150K3 is what your getting off the loader model not the machine, nice condition though

I have a 150 operators loader manual if still looking

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