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winter restoration

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New guy here from Northern Michigan, I'm in the farmall letter series for about 50 years and still have question and have some answers. Winter time I get a lot of indoor rebuild projects done, carbs, water pumps, distrubitors, weld hood crakes, I just pulled down a starter for and H and it needs new brushes, the H motor is out getting a rebuild. I have two I-H H4 magnetos that need a complete service?? I'm not going to rebuild mags, I don't have any local shops, I'm looking at the Brillman Company the guy said they change ever thing inside new with a hotter spark. Any one have work done there/ big store on the net. At this time not sure what to do with the mags, if you have any ideas I would like to here them.


 have running

Farmall super M ********* L  dressed for plowing snow

farmall super H ********** has I - H loader

farmall super C *********** just setting in the barn

looking for super A *********************************************** thanks Armand

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I assume brillman is really good company been around a long time. I personally have not got anything there yet, will probably get some Fordson wires from them. 

Welcome to forum . 

I have got a blue ribbon mag book off eBay. 

Mag s are fairly easy to with a little advice as what to look for and avoiding most of the cost to rebuild in a shop is labor . 

One of the other things is new condenser from overseas have a high failure rate . 

So ask rebuilders to tell you how they test there work. 

The wells number for the h4 mag coil is ih 800 

point s condenser for well s is ih 8??  Don’t recall correct number ,but ih 800 series 

Good luck 

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I have bought electronic ignition numerous times from Brillman. Happy to do business with them. My brother has a super A with cultivatiors and snowplow. Maybe a two way dirt plow even, I forget

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Morning people;

Received eight inch of snow here in Northern Michigan last night and more on the way. Will be getting the Super M out to plow for clean up.


Shop work today H starter clean up, adding new brushes one brush is wore out right down to the armature and paint job. You know starters only have a lube hole at one end?? and should be pulled, cleaned, checked, and lubed. Mag work I have the blue ribbon book, good shop book I'll do repairs under the caps and the rest is going to a shop. I found the Weaver mag people and thanks people for the info. I'm putting two mag repair shops in below for the readers. ************************************ Armand


Weavers magneto repair

8474 Planktown North road

Shiloh, Ohio 44878 OH

ph. 419-896-2827


The Brillman Company

2328 Pepper rd.

MT. Jackson, VA 22842-2445

ph. 540-477-4112

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