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Bread +Hammer+ bolt = 560 pto input needle bearing out

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I had to try this and it works. Ive looking looking at getting out this b 1210 needle bearing from  the input shaft . I did not have the puller to get it out. So I looked on you tube and there were a number of ways to do it  . One showed using bread?. Well that’s worth a shot. 

Need a bolt in this case a 3/4 . Wrap the threads with electric tape to seal it tight. 

A 1/4-20 hex bolt inside the oil passage to block the bread. 

They tell you to wet the bread ,that doesn’t work. Use it right out of the bag and pack it into the bearing. 

I tried packing into the bearing with arbor press ,to slow just squeezes wet bread out around clearance. 

Put shaft in a vice and hit it bolt with hammer. That did it , keep packing in bread into bearing bore as it comes out and keep smacking it till it comes out of bore. 

Well ,some jobs  take two months of thinking to do 5 minutes worth of work. ?‍♂️??????? 

i heard of using thick grease, only seen it done once. I think the bread is so much cleaner and easier to clean up . ??

I ate the rest of the bread ????





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Ancient astronaut ?‍? theorist say yes 

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On 12/28/2018 at 4:12 PM, 560Dennis said:

I think the bread is so much cleaner and easier to clean up

Any suggestions for us "gluten free" mechanics ?

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