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354 steering restoration

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First off let me just say that I am new to tractors and new to restoration work.  I own a 354.  The restoration has been like many others here, a year in the making.  I have made it from the front of the tractor to the steering column with very few issues.  My question is what type of oil do I use in the steering box.  Every where I have read mentions the oil fill plug and oil seals but not what type of oil.  Any suggestions?


The steering column and box was dirty, but it does not appear to have any leaks. Currently I can not hear feel or see any issues with the steering.  I know that at one point this tractor was under water.  I just don’t know how much of it.  Replacing all fluids as a safe guard.






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As far as oil goes , not knowing any thing about the gear box , i would not use a gl4 or gl5 high sulfur oil if it has brass , the sulfpher attaches to it and flakes it away little by little. 

Should have a recommendation in the tractor manual or it manuals . 

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@New@this18 I will need to open mine too, the seal on the output shaft is ... non existant. i packed mine with EP2 until i get to it this summer. I plan on doing a full rebuild on mine, its really sloppy... typical for a FEL tractor.

Keep posting pictures of your 354 rebuild. we all love pictures ? 





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