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IH 295 scrapers & other IH machines at Twizel, NZ

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Here are a few more photos taken while I was working on this mammoth construction job. At it's peak, about 60 scrapers (IH, Cat, Terex), about the same number of rear dump trucks and dozers.



Lined up in front of our field workshop


A pose frequently seen having the transmission changed out. The Allison trannys in the 295s did not give a good life where-as, the same series used in our Wabco, & Euclid trucks and in Terex scrapers gave good service. Always had a rough shift, but I believe, a fix was found in their later life.


A Hough 30 beside a Cat 992B and 992A.


A pair of 2 IH trucks being loaded by a Marion 111 dragline


IH semitrailer penstock transporter






An open day on the construction project with a few machines being demonstrated. A 495 scraper in the centre and a  Hough 560 loading a 4WD Payhauler at the rear and below also,

This was in the days when workplace safety was easy to work with, and no, no one got hurt. Every one had a good time watching the demonstrations.



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Thanks for the great pictures John.  That was one big job site.  I also spent time on the machine models you have pictured.  You brought back some memories, some good and some not so good.  We never had a fleet of scrapers that large but I was on a job  back in the 70's that had 22 180 Payhaulers  and 3-4 H400 Hough's among other things.


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Nice pics!

The transmissions didn't hold up very well? How did the 817 engines hold up in the scrapers? They were/are awesome in the TD25's.

I believe the went to the V800 in the next series which had to be a HUGE disappointment.....

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