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Red but not IH

Aussie John

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This dozer is a David Brown 50TD, built in England in 1958 and number 69 of only 470 of this model built over about 5 years. Powered by a David Brown 6 cylinder diesel engine, manual transmission and uses the same planetary steering as used on the Cletrac crawlers. With it's 56" track gauge and low centre of gravity, this tractor was ideal for steep hillside farming and many of these were exported to New Zealand. As can be seen, it was a fair mess before I started. Needed a full set of gears, crown wheel & pinion and the diff side carrier repaired with a new spigot welded in.


DB 50TD in driveway.JPG

Out in front of the house

IMG_6693 - Copy.jpg

First time the tracks got dirty


At our local rally 2 years ago beside a lot of Cats. Caterpillar was the main feature and we massed about 117 Cat machines from the first Best models through to a D9E.

I also had my D4 6U there along with my Chamberlain 9G


Loaded up on my home made tilt trailer pulled by the Chamberlain.About 1 hour drive of 20 miles to get home. The Chamberlain has a top road speed of about 26mph.


The 50TD with my Case 1966 930 loaded on an International model ACCO T2670 tilt tray truck at our local show grounds


Out collecting firewood in my front paddock. The trailer was built to carry the dozer

IMG_7004 [1024x768].jpg

Collecting more firewood near our house



Condition of the gears - managed to get a full set from a farmer in New Zealand and were sent over by parcel post.



The didderential steering system - note the condition of the crown wheel, this was the better part of it as some teeth were actually missing!


Going into the shed


Back out again after a couple of years, being givena test drive by Rosemary, our elder daughter

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Welcome John and thanks for the great shots!

By the looks of the landscape, a dozer is a must have over there.

Used to spend a lot of time on those old rattling squeaking vibrating beasts. 

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