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Salter Farms Antique IH Auction


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16 minutes ago, Randy Sohn said:

10-20s/15-30s/22-36s were antiques 

I find it interesting that those tractors were already considered antiques then 

I saw that it was corrected in the listings on the poster but when I saw the pic of that 1976 1206 I thought “wow that must be a rare one” ??

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14 hours ago, FarmerFixEmUp said:

A hired bidder? Who would do such a thing? ?

sounds like an ed spencer deal to me if the hired bidder wins the bid ed pulls the oh thought you was in and trys to mark it off to the runner up thats why i dont bother goin to his sales anymore

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17 hours ago, Randy Sohn said:

had an F-20, a B and an M.

Mmmmmmmmmm, the thought suddenly struck me that all those could'a been something other than Farmalls - except the F-20.  They weren't! 

I've been down at the local Caribou drinking coffee this afternoon trying to think of the single piece of machinery we had that wasn't IHC, the outside grain elevator, mebb'e?  Or the hayloader?

best, randy

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I don't know Spencer's but it looked like they did a good job,  and I have met Tony.  I've sold him some of the tractors that were on the auction,  helped him with finding others. He has always been straight up with us and did what he said he would do.  I think sometimes its pretty easy to rush to judgement about situations when we only hear part of the story or if we base our opinions on second hand innuendo's.  As for values achieved If you study the market I think you will find that there is a pull back on many of the tractors built before 1970 and that the current ag economy is effecting the "easier to find" collector/antique tractors a lot.  Lo production items seem to be steady to higher as was evidenced by Tony's  3488 and or the two 7488's sold about 10 days ago.

And just because a tractor was new when many of us were in high school does not keep it out of the "Antique class" now.    For many of us a SM seemed old when we graduated,  and they were only 20 years old in 1973.   Now when in our 60's we still think a 66 series tractor is a fairly recent tractor when its actually 45 years old!  Guess some of us are antiques too and we don't even realize it!


just my 2 cents above;

but like the good book says "let him without faults throw the first stone"

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