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Wife and I were reminiscing this morning about when your young you want time to go faster and now that we're older we wish it would slow down. And a few milestones came to mind I thought a few of you IRON HEADS might enjoy. So here goes.
Five years ago today I found my wife's dad's 756 back. Had to wait till Monday to make the call to buy it but it's been five years already. Unbelievable. And the coolest part about finding it on 11-11-2013. First off it's Veteran's Day. It's also my wife's dad's mom's birthday. Hope you can digest all that. We've tuned it up a bit as the pictures will show. 
Prior to that I landed a odd piece. A Farmall 560, serial number 530, that's been converted to a road roller or asphalt packer. Last time we had it to a IH featured show, I couldn't get away from it. EVERYONE wanted to know more. And here's it's story.
Obviously it was produced at Farmall Works Rock Island, Illinois. Then shipped, probably on a skid without wheels, to Marion, Ohio to Huber Bros to be converted. It spent it's working days in Pennsylvania. Upon its retirement a friend bought and had it shipped back to Grundy Center, Iowa. And I found it at his place while picking up his junk tires because he was selling his acreage.
A 15 year search also came to a end. I reunited a matched pair a 7x12 Heider wagons after approximately 38.5 years of separation. Separated spring of 1975, reunited September 2013. They were purchased new together for Pioneer seed corn. They lived east of Reinbeck, Iowa and hauled seed corn to the plant on the east side of town. They both sport twin cylinder hoists vs the common single cylinder. 
We used them that fall as the pictures will show. Made 13 trips with them before the day job started calling😖😢😏. But man what a good time. The first trip to the elevator was the best. It was like going back in time with my trusty 826 on the front. Lots of looks and comments. 
And speaking of my trusty 826, it came to Iowa in May of 2013. It came from Kankakee, Illinois. Left about 6:30 in the morning. Drove 630 miles. And got home about 6:30 that evening. Of all my tractors, she would be my favorite. Definitely not the rarest but the favorite.
Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.













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