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D358 After Case IH Merger???


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I’m thinking the Neuss Germany facility, including engines went to Case after the merger, whereas the 300-400 series engines did not.

What became of the D358 after the merger?  Did CaseIH use it in any other equipment, tractors, etc and if so - for how long?


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CaseIH used the D-358 engine in the 1620 combine up until 1989 when they replaced it with the 5.9 Cummins. 

CaseIH used the 3/4 cyl. German diesels in the 85/95 series and 32/4200 series tractors up until 1997 or so when they switched to Perkins engines with the C/CX series tractors. My understanding was that there was no way to make the German diesels pass emissions requirements which were starting to show up in the smaller tractors at about that time. 

Question for anybody....how long did Dresser continue to use German diesels after they were spun off from IH? There’s a 510 Dresser Payloader around here that has a 6cyl German diesel; not sure if it’s a 310/358, or maybe even a 402? This thing looks to be still mostly IH in design and components...just wondering how long they still used IH engines in them. 

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I thought they used a 4 cyl in the 510, according to my 86 spec book a 510B has a D-268 4cyl, not a common engine at all. a 515B loader used the D-358 and the 520B used a DT-358 engine.I just sold the 520C loader I owned for 15 years and it was a 1990 and it had the Dresser engine which was a Cummins 359. A friend just bought a 510 loader and it has the 4BT (239) Cummins that somebody put in there as it's actually an older IH loader. Who ever did the install did a nice job.




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I'll bet it was a model 515. I know it was a 6 cyl. German diesel; but I don't remember that it had a turbocharger. I'm guessing it was about the vintage you are describing-mid 1980s or so. The dash/instrumentation, decals, controls, etc. all still looked very much IH, so it couldn't have been too far removed from being an actual IH loader.

As far as repowers for older IH loaders are concerned, a former coworker of mine told me many years ago that Dresser was offering repower kits for older IH Payloaders using Cummins B & C series engines. The shop he had worked at previously had done a repower like that.

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Latest assemblies of the Neuss engines after merger and transfer to british IH Doncaster plant :

3 cyl   November 1993   used for british built .40 series, for 32 series
4 cyl   March 1996          used for british built .40 series, for 42 series, 844 & 856XL types ( former Neuss built tractors)
6 cyl   December 1994   DT-358 used for german built 1255XL
6 cyl   November 1996   DT-402 used for german built 1244XL

Here is a were used able :


4-cylinder #1.jpg

4-cylinder #2.jpg

4-cylinder #3.jpg

4-cylinder #3-1.jpg

6-cylinder #1.jpg

6-cylinder #2.jpg

6-cylinder #3.jpg


Total of Neuss built engines was around 1.667 millions

former member of IH Neuss Planning & Manufacturing management team

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Hi Matthias, thanks for the info.
My brother has five Doncaster, UK built tractors with Neuss engines, 454, 474, 684, CIH 495 and 3230. His favorites are the D-179 in the 454 and the D-206s in the 474 and 3230.

Since you are very familiar with IH Neuss engines, there is another thread on this site about replacing the Bosch VA pumps on the D-310 and D-358 engines.
I know my brother's CIH 495 and 3230 have a Bosch VE pump instead of the VA pump, was the VE pump ever installed on the D-310 and D-358 engines?
What is required to convert a VA a D-310/358 to a VE pump?

Jim Brownlee
Ottawa, Canada



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