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706 governor

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My 282 governor seems to be sticky. At idle it works, and full throttle, but part throttle the RPM is all over the place. The tractor sat for a few years, something may have got corroded? It runs great other than that.

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1 minute ago, snoshoe said:

Said 282. I assumed diesel.

Original post yes, but it is 2 years old.  What about this new guy? He didn't specify. 

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Sorry for not replying, I thought the topic was dead. I got the pump rebuilt, the governor was shot. There's a plastic ring in there that gets brittle in half a century or so! She runs great now. The diesel guy told me not to run it, if it fails completely the engine goes wide open and you can't shut it down since the shutoff is on the throttle. It's a 706, the 560/660 has a cable shutoff that will still work if the governor falls apart.

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