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Preventive Maintenance not done on 826 Gold Demo.

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 Lack of preventive maintenance on my 1970 Farmall  826 Gold Demonstrator cost me $650 in parts because of a missing .50c bolt, I was clearing a creek crossing & didn't realize the front axle pivot pin retaining bolt had worked out of the axle yoke & pivot pin allowing the pivot pin to work half way out of the axle center tube which twisted breaking it in half. I had to skid the 826 on the bucket in reverse a half mile to the barn where I could work on it. Had to replace the axle center tube, one knee & one tie rod assy. & used the better part of three days labor taking it apart & putting the new parts back on.

Expensive lessons are remembered!!!

826 gold demo. (4).jpg

826 gold demo. (5).jpg

826 gold demo. (6).jpg

826 gold dem. (3).jpg

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