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Power unit

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anybody have an idea what this engine might have been hooked to???

According to tag it would be a 220 engine, but it looks like a truck type motor to me.

There is no clutch,-- and the flywheel has internal teeth to match the gear on the pallet next to the stub shaft that goes on the back of the housing. The end of the shaft is about 3/4" with a half moon key way in it.

I can't place it's use, ---Not combine engine for sure! thanks; sonny






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I have found yellow paint under the red.--also the # stamped on the boss shows RD 220 then the serial #. Would this be the red diamond series?--Dad had an IH R-205 semi tractor that had a red diamond 450 engine in it. the truck was a 1954. would this rd 220 be about that age also? thanks; sonny

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