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1440 rotor speed


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Dads 1440 needed a rotor belt, so I replaced that, but the rotor speed wont adjust faster, the chain is freed up, and variable pulley mechanism is free also. With the chain unhooked I can get it to adjust slower but not faster. I have power going to limit switches and they work. I have power to motor for slow and shows power there on opposite terminal for fast but motor wont turn. Is this a failed motor, or is it a ground? Book just shows 12v going back there from switch, one terminal for slow and one for fast. I'm guessing motor grounds to the mount? Also how do you adjust rotor headcase position after replacing belt? Book shows a gauge that I dont have and rotor speed reading is not accurate, it reads nearly the same no matter which gear it's in. I think the new belt is longer than old, it's a 2444xx number old was 193xxx number, but parts lookup showed that the 2444xx number is correct, thanks, Robert 

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