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Starting a farm from scratch In WV.

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I am willcheeks that is my first name and last name together not some statement or funny screen name.  I am retired US Army and I currently live in WV.  As you would expect the area I am interested in starting my farm on is a hill side.  I will not be raising animals for sale.  I just hate seeing them with two legs shorter than the other two.  Joke. To stand on the hill.  you will get it later if you did not get it now.  I have  plenty of fresh out of the ground spring water "runoff from the East River Mountain"  As you will see soon I do not spell check.  So try to read the best you can.  I have an old TD6 to level some spots with and I am interested in also fish farming, so it should come in handy for making fish ponds and runs.  The water is cold so I am limited on the type of fish.  I will be doing some inside IBC totes for tilopia.  I have a large garage for this and other endevers.  well I currently have trouble with the TD6.  I am trying to service the clutch packs and can not get the control lever out.  Trouble getting  to the nut on the bottom.  I hope to keep everyone posted on every attempt of this farming journey.  For now I am just trying to clear trees and bruch from the hill side.  It is only 12 acres but we only wish to do fruit trees nuts berries and veggies.  This area is becoming popular for ATV trail riding.  I may have to put in a few camp sites to help pay for the build.  Could sell them veggies and eggs I guess.  Anyway this is my plan and I will not give up or surrender to anything less.  Hope to keep everyone entertained and my have to ask for help from some of you.  All I have ever grow in the past is children and dogs.  Thank you for reading and have a great day.  If not today then there maybe one tomorrow.  Just hang in there and keep trying.  Everyone gets a great day if they just keep trying.

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Just some clearity on this.  We do not have much money to put into this project.  I am hopping that one item like veggies will help pay for the other items such as fish them them two can pay for the third and so on.  I wish to be self supporting as far as electricity and all the other things needed on this farm.  I have a windmill and hope to put in solar as soon as I can start getting something to start making money with.  A lot of people in this are have tried rabbit in the past but do not eat it now.  I might have to create a market for these thing fresh fish veggies rabbit chicken stuff like that.  It would be nice to start CSA and allow everyone to come see how their food is being grown.  Thanks again and any question will be answered.  Great days to all of you. Willcheeks

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Will - 

Thank you for your service and best of luck in farming!  The construction page can definitely help with your crawler questions.  Don't know anything about fish farming but I would assume you are in similar terrain to us in East TN, though you may be more hilly.  Start with projects that are low input and don't require a lot of infrastructure and such on the front end, that way you can abandon the projects that don't pan out without being out a lot of money.  Sweet corn seems to be a good one around here for someone just starting out.  Also, vegetables are good if you have a market for them, like a local farmers market or CSA.  If you do, then you can extend your growing season with high-tunnel greenhouses (still without breaking the bank.)  Sounds like you have another job or source of income, so since you aren't having to rely on this to feed and support the family, you are thinking right in starting small, investing back into the farm whatever it makes, and going from there.

Interestingly enough, I had a good friend, also named Will, also ex-army, who came back and started farming, first on just 2 acres, but he's expanded to 20-30 something now.  Vegetables, rabbits, chickens, mushrooms, and such.  Different last name, though.  Just funny a coincidence.

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 Good luck with your farm! I need to get down to West Virginia to visit where my great grandfather lived 100 years ago. That is in Gilmer County. 

The TD6 steering clutches are said to be some tough projects. The construction forum would be a good place to visit. Lots of experience there on these TD6 machines.



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