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Went to Texas to buy this Hydro 1066. Bought it for $2000. Did not run so this is how the dealership had to load it on my trailer. I was asking everyone what the condition was and no one knew very much because it had been sitting for so long. Finally talked to a Mexican-American who told me in broken English that the motor ran great but the hydro transmission had problems. He said a mechanic at the dealership rebuilt the transmission twice but it still didn’t work. He said the farmer refused to pay the bill so they took the tractor. I got upset after hearing this. I didn’t say anything because it’s not my business. But if it had been my tractor, I would have been hopping mad about a bill for bad mechanic work. We definitely would have been in court.

Got the tractor home and sure enough the engine fired right up and ran great. Put some parts back on the s/r lever and the tractor drives. It does slip under load so I’ll have to go into the hydro to see what the problem is. 

The tractor is very rough but I’m going to repair it and use it.

The front tires had tire plugs sticking out of the tread every where. Looked like someone had stabbed the tire with an ice pick repeatedly. They must have some type of wicked cactus or something down there in San Antonio.


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