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Hydraulic fittings on IH 444

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I need to replace the pressure side hose from the loader pump on my 444 (2050 loader), and I was surprised that none of the wrenches I have around fit for the hose end fittings. 1 1/4" too big, 1 1/16" too small. I'm not real familiar with tractor hydraulics.  Can I expect that all the fittings on this model will be JIC 37 deg flare? Anyone know of a reference to wrench sizes that fit? I can use a crescent wrench if they're not too tight, but, I'd also like to pick up some plugs and caps to quick throw on there to minimize hyd fluid loss. If I could figure out the dash - number size based on the wrench flats, that would help me get the right size plugs/caps.

Thanks in advance...

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29 minutes ago, Power of Red said:

Go a 1-1/8" on hand you can try? 

Yeah, that sounds like it would be the one, I need to pick one up. I'd like to be able to identify the fitting size - by wrench size, or something else - before taking the fittings apart, so I can plug and cap the ends to keep the fluid in.  I can't see the threads to measure them without taking it apart first.

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