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7.3 High pressure oil pump

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It was starting with either.  It would run fine all day just don't shut it off. 

Now it barely start on either and have only tried for test purpose. 

Put a ford cam sensor in.  

put ford icp . Sensor in .

put napa( it came from napa) ipr. In.  

I I messed my test up this morning changed to a 3000. Psi gauge but decided it was bad.  It Whould go off the charts if I gave it full throttle from idle.       Not really sure what max psi Whould be on stock motor

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You need 500-700 psi to fire injectors to start. 

If warm they will start without glow plugs, sounds like yours does so I'd rule them out.

Stock motor, stock computer, should see 2200-2500 HPO psi under full load.

If your fuel filter is black, your injector orings are shot, but they normally will still start, I've changed out some pretty bad ones that started just fine.

Once it starts with either does it sputter to life, or fire right off?

Id lean towards bad ipr again, or bad check valve below HPOP. Bad HPOP's usually show up on the top of the rpm/hp range, not at start up.

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Thanks for all the help . With hrs I work and family I don't get to work on it.

Pretty sure it's not ipr  that changed nothing. 

It fires right off with either then ran fine.  

Just lately won't stay running when it idle s . Down 

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