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22 hours ago, IHRunner said:

Fair enough. The women I know are delicate critters. But they aren't my friends. They're like. Little critters I take care of and try to protect lol.

I'm thinkin the "delicate critters" do not read this site??????

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10 hours ago, IHRunner said:

Incorrect. They all have access to it, ive posted pictures of us reading it together. They know my feelings for dem. 

You must have a special relationship with them critters!!!!!!!!!!!?

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Biggest challenge was my favorite ficchin rock was partways underwater. Hard to have a nice sit in 29° water. End of the day we had 34° water temps. Still not sitting in it. Poor rock. Ill be back to sit on you again. I promise.


Still caught ficch from der doh. Nice semi wild ficch



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Kept my limit today. This is an odd meal i make. This is a dry rub i make. Thats mixed with tobasco. Dont judge me. It gets worse. I use Mesquite chips...cause i dont like cedar. Or fish in general. And it gets worse. I dont actually smoke them. Its like. Between grill and smoke. Usually between 200-250. But damn. I love spicy smoked ficch





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More ficch picch for posterity.

This is a semi wild ficch. Stocked probably two years ago based on size. Proof that they live. Fresh stocked troutheads have white bellies and torn up fins from living on a concrete slab their whole loves. This guy has a malformed gill plate and fins. But clearly he survived by hugging the bottom. So kiss me arse CPW who says trout just die in our water. We have a creek thats 18 effing feet deep and under a bridge. Water doesnt get hot enough to kill em all.


This guy was about 12.5-13. I know its hard to tell cause i cant hold the damn thing. Measure. And take piccher all at once. But he was healthy. All trout are stocked between 9 and 10 inches here. My crappie fighter has a 10in ruler on it so i use it as a verification tool when im not sure if its a fresh stocker or not. 




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