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1970 Farmall 826 Gold Demonstrator

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 Found this 1970 Farmall 826 at a farm sale 12 years ago, it had sat out in the weather so many years the factory red overcoat was so thin you could see the gold coming through. I farmed with it a few years before restoring it. Kept the original paint on the undersides of the sheet metal so if I ever sell it I can show it was a original Gold Demonstrator.

 Have farmed with it ever since, so needless to say it doesn't look this nice anymore!!  

826 gold dem..jpg

826 gold dem. (3).jpg

826 gold dem. (2).jpg

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It's nice to see ANY of the Demonstrator's showing back up! Ya just don't see too many/enough of them!

Beautiful 826 and thank you for sharing pics!

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