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Anyone have experience with IH 554 Gas - Diesel Engine start?

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I replaced points, condenser, coil (as it had obviously overheated as the bottom was rounded instead of flat) new wires.  Now I have spark to all cylinders but I think the carb to cylinder flow is being blocked by some butterflies that are part of the gas to diesel lever.  I may try just spraying some gas in the intake tube and see if I get some life while cranking. The gas to diesel lever has many levers it turns to make the system work.

All the wiring seems correct after I switched the battery from negative ground to positive ground.  Coil did not get voltage until the polarity was switched, must be a diode somewhere.

It turns over freely and the oil is nice and black. Also took a sample from bottom of pan to make sure no water in pan. Now the oil bath air filter was 50/50 oil water but luckily the filtered air goes into a tube up over the valve cover and down to the carb. Took the crossover off and no slime in it so all seems well.

I just want to hear this beast run. Have to take it step by step and I mostly work at night due to 110 degree temps in Arizona now.

Suggestions would be appreciated..


Bart D. Hull

Laveen, AZ


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The two big butterfly valves have to close tightly or it won't run on gas.

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There is also a mechanism that is run by the switch over linkage that hooks to the carb, that will shut off the gasoline flow into the carb. It closes the needle in the carb down onto the seat so no gas will flow into the carb while it's running on diesel. Pull the drain plug, or open the draincock on the bottom of the carb to see if gas is running out when in gas mode, it should be, and shouldn't be in diesel mode. Sometimes the needle itself or the mechanism that runs it will stick, not allowing the gas to flow. That's what was wrong with my UD554 I had in a Galion grader. Once I got that figured out and got it all freed up, it took right off on gas. Nice running engine, has an interesting sound with the 2 exhaust pipes. When I got mine, it had the radiator hoses off from it and the head and block were full of nests in the cooling passages. I flushed, pressure washer, drained, flushed, pressure washer, numerous times, but am sure I never got it all out. I had all of the coolant covers off, all the water housings, radiator all off and apart, and it still got a hot spot in there somewhere I believe that caused a cracked head on it. I can't remember, but I think I got around 2 five gallon pails of mouse nest stuff out of the cooling system. I sold the engine for parts, and the grader for scrap, but I still have the injection pump and a brand new button clutch for it if you happen to need either of those things.



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Keep working at it Bart.You'll get it. 86 here in MN and I wait for shade.

Have you  seen this book yet? M Diesel was kind enough to scan and post this.

I downloaded the pages and put them in a file. If you're on your phone, the pages would be right there when out working on it.

Wade thru the specifications pages and then look at the linkage adjustments. I've never had the need to adjust the linkage but I do give the pins some lube every so often.

Perhaps some PB Blaster or WD-40 on the joints. It does help. :-)

I'm a UD-16 fella and am not familiar with the 554, it was a newer model of the 502 UD-16 and UD525 but with a bigger bore so probably the same or very similar...Keep us up to speed. :-)

I don't know if it would be of help but perhaps see this thread.


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Just saw your TD-15 pics! Nice looking crawler! And you have a radiator coming! Yesss!

On the gas starting side; it looks like you have ONE thermostat housing (with a bleeder for 4, 5 & 6) compared to my old 2 thermostat 502 UD-16 engine. Like.

What is that oil soaked mess between cylinders 2 and 3 with a wire and terminal leading to the bottom of the carburetor?

Does the 554 have an electric main gas valve solenoid on the carb? The bottom of the 554 carb is way different than the old 502!

If so, perhaps you could jump 12 Volts to it to open that solenoid and allow gasoline for the carb?????

Pull the gas line, the "Gasoline Strainer" screen just inside and a screwdriver will (should) let you  pull the bottom of the carb and clean/check it. ??

A nylon zip tie would be a nice touch on the right side UP blade hose so the track doesn't eat that hose. :-)

B style injector pump with the "potty" hose for the internal drippings. I've been itching to see one. Like!

When you're ready for Diesel cycle, drain the injector pump oil and remove that bottom cover on the injector pump and clean the snot out of the sump! :-)

That's a bear on the 2 inside-row bolts next to the " pump support"...

Perhaps the side cover too. There's crud in there waiting. Piece of cake actually. Look to see IF anything is out of place.

I want to spend a few days out west and help you get that sweety humming!

Interesting Cat blade...

A single stack engine. I want to hear that one run! My older 502 UD-16 is a twin stacker. And they have a "sound"... Ahhh.

Don't forget about the fan shaft housing and generator mount grease. I'm still learning HOW to be certain the bearings are getting grease that isn't ancient.

Grease gets too hard to do anything any good after this long.

: - )

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