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Please Help ID This Dana Axle with its IH LST code


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I recently acquired this Dana axle built for IH.  I intend to install it in my '69 Loadstar 1700 after I go through it.  But could someone please ID the axle assembly's code so I know what I have?  I have no idea what Line set ticket code this axle is.  And once that's established could someone please tell me what parts manual and service manual its in?  I have not found it in the Loadstar / CargoStar's CTS-2300 or CTS-2307 ... unless I just don't know what I'm looking for - which is a possibility.

I'll provide more info this weekend if I can.  
What I've been told so far, which I don't know if its true or not, is that the pumpkin assembly is a RA-30 and the axle assembly is a S-9000 probably made for a PayStar.  But, if true, I still don't know how to convert any of this info into a IH code number so I can look up parts and/or find it in a service manual.  Any help would be appreciated.

Every comment helps, so thank you all for your help.

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I searched what i could and found more info with the dana number ,  Maybe Travelette will have some info


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3 hours ago, Kevingweq said:


I searched what i could and found more info with the dana number ,  Maybe Travelette will have some info


What additional or more information did you find?

Thank you.

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The ratio does match the rear axle ratio,  and the hub uses the same size dayton-type wheels as the rear axle  - that's part of the reason why I chose that axle.



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15 hours ago, farmall-nick said:

Are you selling it? 


No, not selling it, I just bought it from a recycling yard.

I'm trying to rebuild it before I install it in my '69 Loadstar 1700.  But I can't find the proper IH or Dana parts manual or any service manual, either IHC or Dana, that covers this axle.  Please help, anyone.

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Not trying to be a horses ass but look at the build date. Loadstar production was over by then. It might show up in the S-series 1700 to 2500.

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Yes, Loadstar production was over by then.  But that doesn't mean I can't install it under my Loadstar.  But my question still stands, does anybody know what parts book and service manual I can find this axle in?

I've only owned three IH trucks in my life, two Loadstars and a '62 Travelette, so I'm not familiar with any other IH truck.  Just looking for manuals before I take on the project of rebuilding and installing this axle.

Thank you - every comment helps.  At least now I know I'm looking for manuals for 1700 to 2500 S-series trucks.



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Steve I didn't mean you couldn't put it under your truck. I was just implying you should look in the S-series parts books. Was the axle still under a truck when you got it? If it was try and get the serial # and order a lineset ticket. Then contact your nearest Navistar dealer and they should be able to figure out what you need. 

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Unfortunately the axle was already removed from the truck a couple years ago.  I just wanted this axle because it in all ways matched my rear axle, and looks period correct.

I don't know S-series models, but I'll look.  Sometimes wikipedia can help with these types of questions - such as what are IH S-series trucks.  Then its just finding the right parts books and service manuals.  A line setting ticket would soo help with the axle, brake and hub assemblies.  But unfortunately I would not know how to find a LST working backwards starting with the axle.  If anyone has any S-series parts books, I would appreciate if they could take a look and see if they can find my axle assembly.  I'll check with the wrecking yard but it would surprise me if they had the vehicle registration number that corresponded to this axle.

Thank you, everyone for your help.


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Does anybody know of any IH / Dana part number interchange list? Is there any book, manual, part number manual supplement or any published page that shows the interchange or equivalent Dana and IH part numbers? Either Dana to IH or IH to Dana part numbers for medium duty axles. I've been told possibly old Napa stores as they used to sell Dana/Spicer parts years ago ... but that lead has turned into a dead-end for me.
Your suggestions are appreciated.

Below are the axle parts Dana has in stock for my axle, but I have no idea what they are. Without either a cross to the IH part numbers, or a parts-book-type diagram with the Dana part numbers referenced, which Dana does not have, I'm lost. Any insight and help in identifying these parts would be appreciated. I'm not having much luck using the internet to id them.
Thank you.

Dana #: H52848 ***seal 
Dana #: H52847 ***seal 
Dana #: H52846 ***retainer 
Dana #: H52844 ***retainer 
Dana #: H52843 ***spring 
Dana #: H52795 ***washer 
Dana #: H9409949 ***plug 
Dana #: H37581 ***nut 
Dana #: H14000 ***stud 
Dana #: H10153 ***gasket 
Dana #: H181-44 ***bearing 
Dana #: H181-43 ***bearing 
Dana #: H125-40 ***seal 
Dana #: H105-23 ***stud 
Dana #: H105-22 ***stud 
Dana #: H22-46C ***shim 
Dana #: H22-46B ***shim
Dana #: H506835 ***bearing cup 
Dana #: H506834 ***bearing 
Dana #: H506672 ***lock 
Dana #: H505744 ***screw 
Dana #: H505658 ***seal 
Dana #: H503946 ***nut 
Dana #: H503030 ***nut 
Dana #: H501041 ***plug 
Dana #: H103883 ***plug 
Dana #: H103388 ***pin 
Dana #: H53977 ***shaft-axle 
Dana #: H53973 ***retainer 
Dana #: H53846 ***cap 
Dana #: H503034 ***nut 
Dana #: H49508 ***hub 
Dana #: H181-41 ***bearing cup 
Dana #: H53513 ***tag 
Dana #: 097HN100 ***washer 
Dana #: 097SD101-X ***flange assy 

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Well, FWIW if anyone is interested, the answer to my question is the following:

This is a NAPCO axle manufactured by Dana for IH. It's rated at 9000 lbs and tips the scales, with hubs and brakes attached but no wheels, at 1260 lbs. 

It's referred to as a S-9000 presumably because it was made for the S series of medium duty IH trucks of the early 80's and is rated at 9000 lbs. (In contrast a heavy duty Dana 70 as used in the IH Loadstars is rated at 6000 lbs.) 

Although the pumpkin assembly seems to be interchangeable with a RA-30, the axle assembly is actually a FA-64 or FA-78 with a corresponding IH code of either 02064 or 02078. I have not been able to find any difference between the two in the IH parts books, other than possibly the brakes.
Most parts are still available either directly from Dana or from IH/Navistar at three times the price of the Dana equivalent parts.

I've found the parts breakdown in 3 different IH parts manuals (MT-502, MT-145 and MT-140), and the servicing of the axle assembly is in two different IH shop manuals and at least 4 different DOD military service manuals.

BTW I now have the military service manuals for this axle assembly and for my Rockwell transfer case and I've found the military service manuals to be far, far superior to the IH shop service manuals. If something is not clear in your IH shop repair manual you may want to try and find a military service manual that covers the same assembly. They may cover the same things but are much more detailed in their procedures, pictures, torque specs, etc. and seem to be geared toward the person with little experience. 

What I find interesting is that both the IH parts books and Dana tech support refer to this as a NAPCO axle. NAPCO was one of the original leaders in converting trucks to 4wd until the mid 50's when the big three manufacturers began offering their own factory 4wd systems. According to NAPCO's web site, they still offer parts support for military trucks and tanks, including the less common vehicles of WWII such as the M2/M3 Half-Tracks etc.     http://www.napcointl.com/about.php
I have yet to contact them to find out if they offer parts support for this axle too.

I could go into a lot more details on this axle assembly, but there's no point unless you're rebuilding one. 

Thank you everyone for your replies and comments, they are appreciated.

BTW I would like to replace both IH / Warn locking hubs with new ones.  Anybody have any idea who might carry either parts or complete locking hubs for this axle?  I found one on eBay from an industrial surplus dealer, but have come up with nothing from all other sources I know.

Thank you.

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My farm dump truck is a 78 Loadstar 1750 4x4 that looks like the front axle.

It has the same blue tag ,and manual adjust hydraulic brakes, Dayton wheels and warn hubs .

When I am out at the farm this week end I'll take a photo

I could use some Warn hub parts or if you ever run across some drive flanges to replace the hubs let me know.

I want to get rid of the hubs the truck never sees the highway so I don't need the locking hubs.

I have a parts manual for Loadstars around some where I am pretty sure it's in there.


Cheti and the black hoe0001.jpg

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I believe the front axle on my Loadstar to be a FA-78 .

I have a line setting ticket copy but its poor quality and I can't make out the codes

 I can read the front spring assembly description and it reads NAPCO 7500 DWG   

On the GAWR listing it has 26,000 total 9,000 Front and 17,000 Rear

The blue tag on the axle reads

Spicer H-D Axle Inc. Hopkins, MN, P/N 52852, SN 90-002647 MFG Date 6-2-78

Looking at your axle the tie rod ends are conventional tapered stud ball socket type  the ones on my truck are clevis type as in the attached part diagram from MT-132 part manual with the front axle list I hope this helps you.

As Eason pointed out that axle is likely from an S series Truck Loadstar production ended in 78


 It might be easier to find a complete truck to do your conversion then you will have access to all the parts needed 



FA  list.JPG

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  • 7 months later...

Hellow my name is kyle I have the same front end in a s1800 1981 model year I am looking for a stub shaft for the front end also a drive flange. Any help on locating parts you Have found would be greatly appreciated. Thanks my fone number is 15413913130. Call or text is fine anytime.

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19 hours ago, Kylle hansen said:

Please contact me I have a 1980 IH s1800 with the same front axel I am trying to find a service break down and parts for me know what you have came up with. Email at hansenbbc68@gmail.com 

I just saw your post ... I'll see what I can come up with this weekend.  Contrary to what Dana's parts availability web site says, most parts are still available through them.  And I've found the same parts are also available from Navistar.  However the price is about two thirds higher.  What a Dana/Spicer dealer charges $100 for a Navistar truck parts dealership will charge $300 for.

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