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td14 addict

TD14 update, and valve rocker question.

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I did some work to the TD14 today, The replacement starter spring that I acquired over the winter lasted about 5 starts and then it turned the hoop out, so it is not a sufficient replacement for the original in my case, on a good starting 14 I think it would be fine, but mine eats these springs for breakfast.

I will attach some photos of what I found today when I pulled the starter off for the hundredth time.

Luckily back in December I found a spring on ebay matching the original part number (Bendix f3159) but it was a Wickwire SS8R. Armed with these 2 part numbers I kept trying to find more. Once the cheap replacement spring let go I emailed the ebay seller and asked if he had any more of these springs, which he did, so I bought 3 more springs from him to keep on hand, I would get more but I just cant afford it at the moment. So if anyone needs a starter spring for a TD14 with the delco 710 starter, (and I believe it is the same as the TD18 delco 756?) This is the fellow to talk to https://www.ebay.ca/usr/stman7777?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 He has tons of old starter springs so if you have another project needing one he can probably match you up. ebay name (stman7777 ) If you don't have ebay PM me and I can send you his phone number.

Atleast today I was able to get mine together and get it started again, which leads me to my question, Does anyone know when they switched from the "ball and cup" style linkage for the starting valves to the solid cam style? on the rocker arm assembly itself. Mine is a 1941 and has the cup style, I also have a 14-142 engine with the updated "cam" style. Mine keeps popping out causing me to not switch over to lower compression. I am picking up a TD14A head in the next few months and I am wondering if this 1951 14A head will have the cam style, and if it does can I swap the whole rocker setup from a 14A to a 14, or are they different. And if not has anyone come up with a solution to this issue, or is mine just out of adjustment? I haven't tried to much I figured if its happening to mine someone on here has probably dealt with it before.







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