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Cargostar Power Steering Gear


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I've got a 1974 Cargostar 1810B with the SV392 engine and air brakes.  Manual steering, and man what a bear to drive in the city.  I've got to navigate tight parking lots, bay doors and yards every time I use this truck, and it's damn hard work.  I've got respece for the men that drove these in the 70's.  Anybody know where I can find a power steering gear and pump setup for this truck?

I found a used box which is a Sheppard 292.  But not sure which pump and bracket I'll need to mount on a 392 with air brakes.  I suppose I could just make my own, but who knows if I'll need a different steering shaft, coupler, etc.

Here's a shot of my manual steering gear, which mounts inside the frame with the steering linkage on the outside.  



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