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Update on Farmall Cub Project

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Today was a huge success as we got the cub running! First of all, I want to thank everyone for looking at my project and for those who have given me good advice along the way it really helped! Last night put the carberator back on and got the governor rod and choke linkages put back together. Today we got hydraulic oil and a tread tape and screws  for the holes on the sides of the front casting for the side panels, I don’t have that and the grill screen on yet but that’s the one thing left to do. After dad and I got fluids back in I started it for the first time and it started right up! Then a few seconds later it quite because it was a little cold and it had been sitting for 3 months but it finally started running pretty good and it runs better then It did before. I then drove it around the yard quite a few times and got some shots of it in the pasture and then with the spreader. I had also told dad that it’s even nicer to drive just because it shows a lot more red paint? I guess the next thing to do now is to get another project to work on. Here’s a few pics I took today. Enjoy the pics and thanks again! 


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Thanks for the kind words, hopefully if I have time this week I can get the grill and side panels back on. I wanted to post a video of the tractor running but it won’t let me post one☹️

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So I’m adding onto this as I started my next few steps with the cub. Started in last week taking the headlights apart. What I’m doing this time around is rebuilding the carburetor, all new wiring harness, new radiator gasket, new steering shaft gasket and seal. Now that I’m on Christmas break I have more time to work on this.(this is again my FFA project)  Ordered all the parts from Steiner on Dec.17 and they came Dec. 21. I was shocked. They had said parts would be here between 10-14 business days and they came in 4 days! But no complaints Steiner is great to work with!  

After getting the hood off I noticed the radiator gasket was leaking so I ordered that gasket and started to get the radiator core bolts loose got that off tonight. I decided to start with the radiator and then work on the electrical wiring. 






Now I need to clean the inside of the radiator. Neither dad or me have done this before I looked up how to clean the sludge out and there is a flush kit but looks like you need to have the radiator on to do that.What is the most effective way to clean out the sludge when the radiator core is off? I’ve read use tap water and radiator cleaning chemicals from the flush kit but I also wanted your guys thoughts. Thanks in advance! 

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This a great resto project you have going on here! You've accomplished allot so far, keep up the good work. Anxious to see the finished product!

I am also intrigued by the spreader you have the Cub hooked to in an earlier picture. Is that a McCormick model 100? It is a perfect match with the cub. We had one on the farm so many years ago, a great spreader as I recall. Are you going to restore it some day as well?

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Wes, the spreader is a McCormick #10 they had the wooden sides where as the 100 has the metal sides. They were made for the cub and cub lo-boy. I got the spreader last fall from a neighbor. I wanted to borrow it for a day to spread a couple loads of manure so when I went up to get it he said “ I don’t use this spreader so if you want it you can take it”. So the only money I have put into it was a $5 operators manual that I got off of eBay. Works great it’s a lot better than using a manure fork. Lol.

I don’t know when I’ll restore it I’m not quite sure what the paint scheme of it is. (Like what parts should be white or red) but I sure like having it to go with the cub. 

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Well the price was right! Congrats on finding this great add on for your Cub. You are right, much better than a manure fork! So then for sure we had a #100, it did have steel sides but a wooden floor as I recall.


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Now that I have had some more time to work on the cub I got quite a bit done today. Last week I got some flush cleaner for the bottom of the radiator casting and RTV silicone for the gaskets. What I did with the radiator cast to clean the inside was put some flush in with water and let it set. Then drained it and put water in and let that drain out and that is really what helped.  The carb is done I’ll post a pic of that tomorrow. 



I needed to get the bottom of the radiator core cleaned up so I used only a wire brush and it cleaned up really well. 



Dad was out there too so he got the flange piece of the housing. I’ll clean the steering parts up tomorrow possibly 



This is what the cub looks like at this point. 


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Thanks for the nice comments guys. I really appreciate the replies.

So a small update from today. I cleaned around the steering shaft housing and I’ll post that when I get the rest of the steering back together. Last night I said to dad    “do you think that those 4 nuts for the manifold will come loose” I was just curious to see if they would even come loose. Well they loosened easily then I remembered that those two gaskets came with my last set of parts that I ordered so that is done now.  





I had a mechanic from case IH dealer clean and put new parts on the carburetor. He is very good with that stuff. He did the needle and seat, float lever pin, and the main gasket. Most of the bushings were still tight. So now the carb is good as new. 


I also use a wire brush to clean a couple of the cast parts that are water pipes for the radiator. I did the best I could with what I had and I got the lower pipe Back on

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I haven’t gotten a lot done the past week as it has been cold most of the time and being busy with other things but I have gotten a couple small things done. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm so hopefully I’ll have time to get the radiator back on and also get the steering shaft on in the next day or two. 

I ended up using a puller to get the steering wheel off and it worked good. Then cleaned the flange piece for the steering so I could get the new seal on. 



There was quite a bit of grease on the flange piece and it’s heavy oil that is used on that steering housing as well....80-90. And I don’t know when the last time that oil was changed or if ever. 



Now the new seal is in place and the whole cast piece is cleaned 


And this is a pic after the outside of the steering housing was cleaned.


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Got quite a bit done today. Got the radiator back on and got the steering shaft and steering wheel back on. A3653EE5-84A7-489B-B2E5-9C76EE58AEED.thumb.jpeg.b20dc58f7a9b00888ef204dc93131f51.jpeg

The four bolts in the corners are so the gasket would stay in place when putting silicone on the gasket. 


17582536-6826-4552-9E41-E72F20C066B9.thumb.jpeg.dfcf56834750fd2bef4ae4f4d262aec7.jpegThe 18 bolts are new that I got from Steiner. I was a little nervous about getting everything lined up and getting enough silicone on but I think I got everything pretty good.

To get the flange with the seal & gasket for the steering shaft back on I used a piece of paper to take it down the shaft that worked well I also put grease on inside the seal and on the outside of the shaft down by the worm gear. 


I do have a few questions: this tube for the radiator has been brazed at one point I want to see if I can get this tube to hide between the fan and radiator. It sits on the outside of the fan shroud now  there are two notches where the original brass tube was. (The tube fed Between the shroud and radiator) What I want to know is if it’s worth it to cut the brass part (top circle) and feed the tube down to the bottom of the casting? If so should I install a brass tube extension instead of plastic?  Also what is the bracket for? (Bottom circle) 


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Okay so I got this project wrapped up today. It’s been about a month since my last update, been crazy busy since then and I decided to finish this out and then post what I did. 

I tore right into the electrical wiring it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I took plenty of pics and always double checked myself to see if I got it all correct. This is when I pulled the panel off....



This is a before and after pic of me using a foam brush with water and baking soda to get the corrosion off. I did it over the course of several days. 



Since I had the battery box off and the seat as well I took the bolts off the gear box quadrant and clean as much grease and oil off as possible without taking the quadrant off. 


077AA07E-CEB6-45C4-85D5-AB0C3E75C053.thumb.jpeg.677470a6ee0ab9ae362dd2fb0d667024.jpegI’ll post more pics tomorrow of my progress

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Thank you for the compliment metamora farmall.

These next two pics are of the original wiring harness lots of places where it was either taped or bare wire exposed330CE021-E812-4B37-A456-2903D3559FB0.thumb.jpeg.53405efcddf35c33fca6aff88be089f5.jpeg


This is the generator after all the wiring was removed this is in good shape so I cleaned it on the outside a little and made sure everything would have good contact 


These are the three light reflectors I didn’t buy new ones so I cleaned them up with chrome polish that we had in the shop. The date on the bottle said 1988 but it still worked great 



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These next two pics are of the new wiring harness installed. First I hooked everything up to the generator and then put everything together at the instrument panel.



These are of the reflectors all cleaned up the best that I could get them. They are pictured with the new seals and gaskets that I ordered. (The lens in the first picture was the only one that was still in one piece so I only had to order two lenses) 




All wiring is installed at this point the red cable for the battery to starter is to be replaced because it is shorter than I’d like it to be but for now it is still on there

This dent in the center of the front of the hood has been there for decades not sure what happened but I’m sure glad it wasn’t me that did it lol. 

All we used was a rubber mallet it worked well and it’s been beaten out good enough for us. You can kinda see it has been fixed in the last pic with the new lights assembled. 



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Okay, here is the part that you guys have been waiting for. I was really excited to get the Cub out today and get it running and use the lights. The tractor runs like a top and it sounds so good with the muffler on it now. For this project what I was most excited for was getting the lights working and they turned out great! 

These first two are kinda comparison pics. The first was taken in 1998 when my great-grandfather owned it. Back then it leaked oil terrible and later on it did not run good and the lights of course didn’t work and the second is the tractor today. 








Later on I will put the Woods mower back on but that will be when it gets closer to mowing season. 

So now with this project wrapped up hopefully before long I can add another horse to the stable 


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