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West Texas IH 1256

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Already back on it but have some things left to change and button up on it. 

Could we please see some picks or maybe you do a video of the inside of the cab ?

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Hey Brian, you always set your tractors up like an Iowa one for the most part. Maybe you could put a new four inch chrome pipe on this one to make it fit my herd better.:D I know you hate straight pipes, just buggin' ya. Looking good as always.

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On 1/18/2018 at 5:31 PM, 1989 plowboy said:

If I’m not mistaken it’s suppose to cause a vacuum and suck the dust out of the air cleaner area 


In the second pic, you can see the tube on the Massey combine in the background too.

6030 aspirator.jpg


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I dont hate straight pipes but my tolerance for the noise is short lived. Its chrome i dont like. Ill keep a straight pipe on my1206  and 1256 just because thats what is correct. It helps set it apart from the 1456s. 

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There is a pitot tube in the exhaust that draws a vacuum  (from the rushing exhaust flow) on the air cleaner, pulling away large amounts of dirt in the precleaner section....

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On ‎22‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 2:22 PM, Long Farms said:





Nice tractor .The top picture seems like a good one to reference for help . I only realized a couple days ago there is what they call a tilt option ,where the bar across the front is supposed to lock in the top or bottom notch of the mount bracket it doesn't engage . I had thought the system under the seat was worn out but now I don't really think so as much ,but what should I be looking at to determine what may not be happening correctly .Does the seat need to move fore and aft on the rails to make proper contact . The lever that runs the lock system seems to function ok.Thanks guys for any suggestions .

Sorry to have hijacked this thread but I thought the picture of that seat assembly would be a sure fire way to relate to my question more clearly .I took another look at mine and still don't understand it .

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On ‎27‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 10:52 PM, 234-IA said:

IKS:  yes if the tilt latch is complete and works then the next thing  would seem to be moving the seat so it engages  the latch

Thanks ,maybe some wd40 and patience will do the trick .


What I learned today is that the return to lock spring is broken ,I didn't see  the handle until I raised the seat to max. height to get a better look .

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Geared down and brought 1256 back in the shop. Swapping out for better rear tires, new front axle center tube, narrowed in on 30", rebuilt pto, new draft torsion tube and orings, new used crank arms, added factory hyd break-aways, front mount hyd hook-ups, pto shield (thanks to Rick G.) Good used hyd seat arm rests and IH CAT 2/3 quick hitch set on cat 3 (thanks to Demonstr8r) lots going on working on 2 at 1 time. 



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