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Questions on 1206 Restoration - 1st time user to RP

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This is my first post on Red Power.  I purchased a 1967 1206 (see pictures below) a few years ago to restore and I'm now to the point of starting the project.  I have a few questions before I start the project.  I've been on many websites, online parts stores, I've read many threads, but I seem to get a lot of different responses on the best place to buy quality aftermarket parts.  I'm open to suggestions on where I should purchase the following items?  I don't want to purchase cheap parts to save a buck.

I need fenders, fender mounts, u-bolts, 1206 emblems, turbo decals, Farmall side emblems, steps, complete pre-cleaner assembly and a seat assembly.  

Did a 1967 come with 10 front weights?

What size tires do most go with when they restore a 1206?  I've seen many different combinations on restored 1206's.  Do you prefer a specific tire brand?

The gentleman that will be painting my tractor prefers automotive paint over paint from an IH dealership.  Thoughts on using automotive paint?

If you have time, please share any and all ideas/thoughts on restoring a 1206 (I want to do it right). I really appreciate the help! 

Thank you.



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Devon’s tractor parts would be the place to start sourcing the parts you need.  As far as fenders, if you find a nice pair off of a 56 series tractor, they should be the same, and you can paint them white.  Some correct me if I’m wrong on the fenders being the same ?! 

Welcome to the forum, and good luck on your restoration!!

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1 hour ago, 65806 said:


with those side lights by the fuel tank I'm pretty sure that should have clamshell fenders instead of flat tops but I could be wrong. 

With the lights being on the side mean it was a cab tractor.

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There is a difference  between  06 and 56 series fenders  both in mounting brackets and the sheet metal . The sheet metal on the 56 series has a reflector  brackets on it 06 don't.  The mounting  brackets on the 06 series uses 3/4 ubolt  and no side brackets to platform.

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I have found the case ih fender bolts are much stronger than after market. Having said that the ih sells a cluster gage set for 350.00 that is no better than the 150.00 dollar after market.

i bought all my hoses and rubber products from ih dealer, cost was equivalent to after market, I now get a 10% discount from them, what I have bought from ih dealer seems to be good quality if not better than after market.

i have 10:00-16 8 bolt front rims going with Firestone 4 ribs on front and 18.4 - 38 23 deep tread for rear, I have soft soil in CRP and the food plots

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JK 1206

sorry forgot to welcome you to the forum, I’m also new here, working on a 806 turbo, mainly mechanical restoration and some cosmetic.

i used Brillman for my wiring harness, initially my old harness seemed good until I looked at it closely, it was cobbled, once you decide on fenders, than just order the complete harness and get 5% off your order. My mistake when ordering my front harness I didn’t realize I had a voltage regulator ( located below steering wheel center panel) which requires 10 DN instead of 10 SI harness 

I found the pump timing was off 6 deg. Luckily the pump was just rebuilt

Pulled the injectors ( because I didn’t know there history) the seats were hammered and the opening get pressure was 1900 instead of 2400.

Radiator cap replaced ( wouldn’t hold pressure ) thermostat was bad all hoses replaced and case ih seems to have better quality as I said earlier

I also had to replace fuel pump return to tank line, the line was rubbing on heat shield

Found high low range shifter sloppy, new vertical shaft and actuating arm, located below platform 

My turbo bearings were bad and the seals were leaking, so New turbo and some other parts sourced thru Genuine Diesel out of Red Oak Iowa, Stan is a great guy, just plan on a lengthy lead time

I’m also trying to do this right and not cheap out, so this is what I’ve done so far and really glad I have spent the money to do it right, but after I get all this done who knows if she will really run noticeably better. I will feel better about it though



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Nice looking old girl .

When you come from an area that needs a cab 10 months a year it is impossible to fathom removing even a pee poor cab .

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