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I am an ag teacher in Texas and we are currently restoring a Farmall F12. It is a 1934 model and our fuel tank is full of holes. Our tank has a small gas tank near the driver and a large kerosene tank. If someone has one or know where I can find one in working shape, I will buy and ship it. We are in a BIND! please help these kiddos complete their project. Please send pictures of the tank if you have ONE! reply here and I will send me email. All you help is greatly appreciated! 

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How bad are the holes in the tank?

If small pin prick holes you can use this product;


Take the tank off and clean it.

Put chain, nuts bolts, other abrasive items in the tank and shake and agitate as long as you can last. I have heard of concrete mixers being used for this

Use their cleaning products, then the sealer.

Done this many times to save a tank and it really does work.



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3 hours ago, augercreek said:

If you are still looking for a tank I have one you can have for the cost of shipping.

Thank you but we found one! By chance to you have the T Fitting that crews into the bottom of the tank? I am still in need of a good one of those. You can send me photos or email me at christopher.bradbury@gpisd.org 

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