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Pushing over Trees VS Digging out Stumps!

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When I first owned a backhoe, I had no big truck, or big trailer. I did a replacement of a direct buried 200 amp secondary to an old farmhouse converted to an office building. There were once six huge pine trees in front of it. One was gone. As I remembered it I could remember the tree being cut in the early seventies. Surely the white pine stump near four foot diameter was rotten by then. A hump in the lawn surrounding the stump would yield 4 yards of desperately needed topsoil. I thought I'd scrape the rotten stump down to yield a flat lawn. 

It proved very hard. My John Deere 410 was no match for the stump. 3 hours later I had a hole as big as a Sherman tank. The stump finally collapsed to below lawn level, and I filled the hole. It was the most hard earned 4 yards of topsoil I've ever had. 


This afternoon I used the backhoe to plow 2" of hard crust new  snow that fell overnight. On the way back to the barn I noticed a 12" DBH Sugar Maple with an insect girdle 12 feet above ground. It was sure to fall in a storm, ought to go. I banged it a few times to stick a bucket tooth, and extended the extend a hoe. Tree, stump, and root ball tipped maybe 25 degrees, Second push tipped it to lodge in another bigger Maple. I pulled it toward me a bit, and swung it to clear other trees. The whole process took a few minutes. I prefer my level of safety inside an enclosed Rops rather than stand with chain saw cutting a dead tree.


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