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The 986 I just picked up has two different wheel centers too.  I think they are 3 1/4" where your 10 has 3 1/2" otherwise I'd be trying to swap with ya, as I'd like them to match. 


If you find that piece at the cab top under the roof, and behind the flashers I need to know where to get one as well.  My 1486 is rusted through there. 

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I think the wheels are the same, one side has a removal tool on it. Maybe someone will let me know. Haven' had time to look in to it. I' gonna do the cab skin replacemet after I deal with some mechanical issues. I have some front end wear to address, weak steering and brakes TA lever is unhooked. I want to find out if the TA is deleted or what. I want a working TA.

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On 3/21/2018 at 6:15 PM, gafarm49 said:

got her naked


You’ve still got wheels, tires and a front axle. When those are removed,, these tractors look so small. :D

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