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Sleeve and block damage

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Hey guys some questions for those of you who may have seen or run into this. I had all cracked sleeves on my 450D (i assume starting fluid use as the culprit) so i pulled them all and as i expected there was a mark on the block everywhere the sleeves were cracked, most are so minor you cant even catch with a finger nail and appear to be more discoloration then an actual mark. Those actually appeared to come out with some light scotch bright and oil. There is one however that you can just barely catch with your finger nail, and 1 that is even more significant. The worst one was where the sleeve cracked in a U and created a "tongue" so to speak that was relatively free to travel in and out horizontally with pressure change in the bore. The ridge left is roughly .002-.003 (Ill get a hold of a dial bore gauge and check for sure). I know the "right way" is the hard way and requires pulling the motor and having it bored and use a custom sleeve replacement or a repair sleeve and a stock sleeve. But for those of you that have seen this can you scotch bright/emery the ridge out and get away with putting in new sleeves? I would assume if you just left it as it is, it would really mess with the heat transfer as well as create a pressure ridge along the sleeve leading to cracking again, so i figured if you at least smoothed it out it would probably hold. I think the motor was ran with cracked sleeves for quite a while considering the blow by the previous owner described and with what i witnessed before tearing into it. Its not a high HP motor nor is it throwing on a 4 or 5 bottom plow going all day, but it does do a fair bit of cutting, raking and once in a while baling. I also have thought of a cracked block, i have talked to a few other gas start engine owners and they have run into the same problem and when looked at by a machinist it was not cracked. I never had any oil water mixing either so i think (hoping) i'm safe. Thanks in advance. 

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