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Spring trip subsoiler


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Hello all,

I am working on improving my hay field. I just have about 40 acres, so nothing large scale. I'm in process of correcting PH, getting fertilizer on the field and seeding in clover.

The field has not been worked in many years. Our soil is quite rocky, and has a fair bit of clay. Because of the clay, I'd like to try sub soiling some of it to break up subsoil. Once down about 8", there is a pretty hard pan. 

I'd like to just use a one shank subsoiler running 16-18" deep. Problem is, I will hit rocks, and I don't want to use 10 lbs of shear bolts per acre. Would like to stick to a one shank so I can pull it with my 766.

I haven't seen any one shank spring reset subsoilers, does anyone know of a model or have any ideas about this?

I was thinking this may need to be custom made.

Possibly, I could make a spring loaded "top link" so I could use an "over the counter" one shank subsoiler?


Thoughts? Thanks!

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This one is available with two shanks and it comes in RED.


    • Three different Zone-Builder subsoiler models to best suit your soil conditions:
      • Model 132 with auto-reset shank that trips rearward and upward from a single pivot point for trouble-free use in rocky, hard soils. Trip pressure of 6,000 lbs. for consistent working depth
      • Model 122 with spring-cushioned reset shank and cast-iron shank mounting feature 20" of vertical travel and 5,040 lbs. of point load
      • Model 112 with shear-bolt protected shank with 7,500 lbs. of shear pressure for use in rock-free soils
    • Straight-leg shank design creates a passageway that allows plant roots, soil moisture and nutrients to move freely into the subsoil with minimal surface soil disturbance
    • Slices up to 20" deep to alleviate the deepest compaction
    • 3/4" thick high-stress,forged-alloy shanks provide maximum strength and minimal disturbance
    • Heat-treated, austempered 1-3/4" wide replaceable points dig through the hardpan
    • Points feature raised-center, tapered design for less soil disturbance at higher speeds
    • Hourglass-shaped, heat-treated cast invertible wearbars add to shank durability and subsurface soil fracturing
    • Heavy-duty, double-frame all-welded construction with 6"x6" rearbar and 38" underframe clearance provides ideal residue flow
  • Standard tool-free adjustable stabilizer wheels with stubble-resistant tires assure a consistent working depth
  • Front-mounted swivel coulters with 1,500 lbs. of downpressure easily cut through the heaviest residue and features heavy-duty 6-bolt hubs with recessed endcaps and ride on a lip for increased durability
  • Models available with 2-16 shanks with a powder-coat finish in choice of red or green


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As a youngster we had a single shank subsoiler we pulled with a SM with an M chained to the front. Back in the early '70s I dug the old subsoiler out & put it behind my 806D to work some "wet holes" one fall. It gave the 8 all it wanted

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Sounds to me like you need some tile and some deep rooted cover crops like tillage radishes

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