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A better read imo

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Diesel Doctor`s topic about wanting to know more about IH got me thinking.

I recently had a topic about the Barbara Marsh book Corporate Tragedy.

After my 3rd reading of it, I started into a book Hillman recommended to me called Farmall, Eight Decades of Innovation.

IMO, this book, 8 decades, has greater detail about who/what/why and most importantly WHEN.

8 Decades links what tractors/dozers and other IH products were being built during which CEO was in charge, why this particular item was built, and  what the weak/strong points were of each product.

I recommend the paperback for reading and the hardcover for collecting.

I got the hardback and the pictures are many AND excellent BUT this book weighs #45!!

You hafta read it at the table cause you can`t hold it up very long!

When I`m done with it, Hillman recommended the Cockshutt book. 

I have it already thanks to some GREAT people at Haughbooks [sp] up in Canada. 

Thanks again Hillman!

But I do think Farmall 8 decades of innovation is a much better read. 


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